1) Add your playlists to our platform.

After you register, you will have two options:

  • To add your playlists right away from Spotify

  • Or to add your playlists manually

We recommend you to go for the first option, as they will be added automatically. If you go for the ''Add Manually'' option, you will need to copy/paste the URL of your playlists, one by one.

2) Set up the genres you want your playlist to include.

You will need to choose a minimum of two genres and a maximum of ten. Keep in mind that the kind of songs you will receive for review will depend on the genres you have selected for your playlists.

Bear in mind that you won't be able to freely select the genres. We will offer you a list of genres form which you can choose. Our suggestion is based on the information we take from Spotify in terms of the real genres of the songs that are contained in your playlist. In this way we are able to be precise and accurate and prevent curators from selecting irrelevant genres, which might lead to a wrong pairing process between artists and curators.

3) Check the status of your playlists.

There are 4 possible scenarios:

a) On review: your playlist is being manually evaluated by our team. You must wait at least 7 days before we have our veridict.

b) Inactivate: your playlist was not approved by our team after being evaluated, or after being active it was disabled for not meeting the quality requirements anymore.

c) Meet the conditions: your playlist has been fully approved after being evaluated. It is part of our network.

d) Does not meet the conditions: your playlist does not even meet the basic requirements to be considered for evaluation.

4) You are ready to go!

At this point, if you fulfill the requirements mentioned above, you will start receiving songs. We kindly ask you to be patient, since the number of songs you will receive will depend on our artists and the genres they choose, not on us.

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