Even though you are covered under the Artist Protection Program (a unique program that offers you refunds in a specific case), remind that our campaigns are not refundable under any condition.

The Artist Protection Program just covers you when curators do not review your song.

You should be aware that we do not offer refunds for paid campaigns under any circumstances, including if a song that you submitted fails to be reviewed or placed on a list.

You need to understand that you are not paying for streams or playlist placements. That's, in fact, illegal.

Our promotions allow you to get the attention of curators/influencers so they can put an eye on you, which will let you have higher chances to get exposure on their playlists/social media.

Hence, you pay in order to get your music reviewed and to get a ''playlist consideration'', which means your song can be added or not to a playlist and if they are added, you might see a boost in your numbers. Yet, again, we do not sell/guarantee streams, placements, saves, followers, nor any results in specific.

If you want to check our Terms and Conditions in detail, you can click here.

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