How the final report looks like

When your campaign ends, this means 14 days after it starts, you will receive a report full of useful stats regarding the performance of your song during the promotion with us.

Some of the data that you will see on the report are:

  • How many playlists added your track.

  • How much increase your Spotify Track Popularity.

  • How many new followers you obtained.

  • How many new listeners do you have.

  • The curators that added your song to their playlists.

  • The reviews of all of the curators.

This is just a sample campaign report

Even though, meanwhile your campaign is running you will receive notifications and partial results about what's happening with your campaign.

If a curator adds your track to a playlist, you will be notified.

Or if a curator reviews your track, you will be notified as well.

You must be aware of your email and your dashboard on our platform to check these updates.

Note: please keep in mind that these partial updates are not the final report.

The final results will just be available when your campaign ends.

It is important for you to understand that the curators have the whole 14 days of your campaign's promotional period to review your song or/and to add it in their playlists.

They can review or add your track on the day number one or in the very last second of your campaign.

Both scenarios are totally acceptable and possible. Be patient.

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