How many playlists will include my song?

The number of playlists your song can be included in will depend on many factors. Some of those factors are related to:

  • The relevance your track has for the curator's playlists.

  • The audio quality of your track.

  • The length of the song.

  • The language of the lyrics.

  • The genres you targeted on your campaign.

Additionally, keep in mind that we do not guarantee placements on playlists.
As you might already know at this point, curators have total freedom when it comes to determining which songs will they add to their playlists.

We do not interfere in their process nor can you as an artist do so.

Note: Every time your song is added to a playlist you will be notified by us through email and on your dashboard as an artist on our website.

Tips to enhance your possibilities of being playlisted:

1) Choose the right genres.
Always target relevant music genres that really match your track.

It makes no sense sending a Pop song to a Dark Metal playlist.

2) Get your song sent to a huge amount of curators.

The more curators, the more playlist considerations. Simple maths.

3) Invest in a wise way.

Plan your budget carefully and do an investment that will worth it.

A poor budget, a poor performance.

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