It is not possible to guarantee you specific results.

There are a lot of factors that will determine how many streams your song is going to have, some of them are:

  • Number of playlists adds.

  • Position of the track in the playlists that added your song.

  • Quality of the track.

  • Genres you targeted.

  • Campaign budget.

In fact, as in our platform, everything is organic and transparent, the process is even more complex and hence impossible for us doing a calculation.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that at this point we have generated more than 157 Million streams to our artists.

This can give you an idea about our huge impact although there are no results guaranteed.

What we can do is providing you with a panorama regarding the potential audience that you can reach; you can know how many people follows all of the playlists owned by the curators that will listen to your song. This allows you not just to set expectations, but to be more strategic.

*You can check the Audience Size after your campaign is approved and you receive an email with this information.

Note: keep in mind that SoundCampaign does not sell streams or playlist placements.

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